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Daily spending

January 18th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

Been reading through the other journal entries and noticed I don't say anything about daily spending. Sorry, but I've got the BIG bills on the brain. Even so, I guess I should start.

I eat lunch out almost everyday. $4-$5.
Jewel has Equaline mouthwash on sale, 1L (bonus size is 1.5L) for 99 cents. Had expired $1 off coups soooo got 10 of the bonus sized bottles for 1 cent each. Somewhere in the house I have an entire tearpad of these coups and wouldn't you just know it......can't find the darned thing! Today is the last day of this deal. errrrrrrrrhhhh! I DO have (9) expired 75 cents off coups, but 25 cents (plus tax) is not the same as 1 cent each. Might have to break down and get them anyway. This is the first time Jewel had this size for so cheap and I don't want to shop for mouthwash for a very long, long time.

Also at Jewel, they are clearancing out some expensive perfume. Got Shi for $9.99 and used an expired $1 off any purchase coupon. I have been dying to get this perfume, but couldn't bring myself to spend what it normally goes for. Also bought a small compact of 10 eyeshadows for $2.50. Used a GC for a transferred prescription to pay for these.

Put $10 of gas in the car which didn't even hit the halfway mark on the fuel gauge. Tomorrow I have an interview for a volunteer position at the Chicago Botanical Garden and my guzzler will eat up a lot of the gas. My next car will either be a diesel (Volvo) or a hybrid, I swear it.

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    This is the first time Jewel had this size for so cheap and I don't want to shop for mouthwash for a very long, long time.!!

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