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Along the Same Lines.....

April 20th, 2006 at 01:37 pm

While my prior entry had to do with drugs (really, I didn't mean it to) this one has to do with gasoline.

Three weeks ago I was in a distant suburb, one I normally do not travel to, and was stopped by a cop for not having my license plate sticker. He issued me a citation that basically allowed me to keep my license but reappear at the station no more than 3 weeks later with proof of sticker purchase or pay a fine.

Before heading out for the police station I get online and find a Trader Joe's is in the vacinity in addition to another grocer were I happen to have a raincheck for certain items.

So....didn't find anything at TJ's I needed and bought organic cocoa for $4.99 (because I don't have that in my pantry) and organic canned hearts of palm ($1.99). I like variety in my salads.

On to the grocer where I thought I'd use my raincheck for 60 items and found 13 were all I cared for. Plus I bought organic celery ($1.50) and vine tomatoes ($1.25) and organic juices (2 for $4). Except for the raincheck items, I did not have coupons for the rest.

My point here is that had I not had to appear at that police station and waste the gas going out there, I would have never made those purchases at TJ's (really, I didn't need cocoa or hearts of palm) and except for the raincheck items which I could have gotten on another trip, the additional purchase of celery, tomatoes, etc., could have been purchased closer to home for the same money.

My justifying the gas expense for this trip wound up costing me more money.

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