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Starting Challenge

January 3rd, 2006 at 08:00 am

I'm going to try a few things for this challenge; here they are:

I love thrift stores and I have sold some of my things at a consignment store so why not combine the two? Yesterday, I was thrift store shopping and came across two very nice pieces of clothing that were not my taste, but would have appeal to the consignment store patrons. It was not my intention to buy clothes with this thought in mind, but then I figured, hey, I'm here shopping anyway so why not? The decision became even easier when the signs posted had 50% the ticketed price of certain colored tags. So for $5.50 total, I bought a Harve Bernard linen dress and a Liz Clairborne microfiber blouse. Both pieces are washable, although that linen dress is gonna need some ironing!

The dress will probably sell for $25 and the blouse $12. The consignment store and I split the profits.

As long as I stick to designer brands, casual work attire, and washable items this should work out nicely.

Some of you may have read in my Journal that I'm going organic this year and have found a store in Chicago with a once a week pickup of boxed organic produce. Although the store is well out of my way, I've thought of combining the weekly trip with thrift store shopping in that area. This way I can devote one day every week to this aspect of the challenge and justify the gas expense!

Something else I'm going to do is sell items on ebay. Last fall I found ovulation microscopes at a closeout store for 25 cents. These sell for $25 on Amazon. Now I have to figure out a way to list and sell these on eBay.

And as some of you have already discovered, selling books is another good way to go.

Good luck to all!