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I'd Like to Thank You all..........

September 17th, 2008 at 01:54 pm

A friend, who has been in financial straits for the last 3 years, called to borrow some money. While he's borrowed money from other mutual friends he's never asked me until now. Said he needed it to take the dog to the vet and that he'll pay me back, blah, blah.....

My initial reaction was, "yeah right". Luckily I kept this to myself. What quickly followed (and to my own surprise) was: "Let me mail you a check and consider this a gift".

Did you all get that? A GIFT! Not until I became a member of this site had I ever considered gifting money to someone who needed it! Not that I don't donate to various charities but you never actually get to see your dollars accomplish anything. By gifting this money I don't have to stew over when and how I'll be paid back because it doesn't matter anymore! Plus it's helping the pooch.

So, thank you ALL for helping to change a mindset and enlightening me. I gotta tell you I feel great about this!