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Nailing it all down

January 13th, 2006 at 08:29 pm

The auto insurance premium came in yesterday: $314 for 6 months. Just as I suspected, it's still in the same narrow range as my FICO score. Now I can go ahead and apply for some cash back/rebate cc's while I sweat out the next premium renewal.

Last night was the first meeting of the year for "The Women of Wall Street". That's the name of the investment club that I'm thinking of joining. It was held at a suburban library and lasted just under 2 hours. Why is it that administrative duties have to take up sooo much time? Dues had to be paid by the members and amounts finalized and lots of joking, Happy New Year, pictures of the new's a nice group of ladies learning about stocks, but it is slow. I'm not as advanced as they are, but I can catch up without too much of a sweat. Given that they're into their 3rd year I expected a little more sophistication. I have to keep reminding myself this is a educational group and not a business where there are deadlines and consequences for mistakes made. Not easy given my last employer who was a "dragonlady" of a boss. The result being that I am impatient with mistakes since mistakes cost money and I was "not allowed" to make many of them. One member makes her presentation of 2 stocks to the group at each meeting. Last night's presenter filled in her worksheet incorrectly and the other members were trying to tell her were she went wrong. It reminded me of being in college study group for calculus! Same thing! Trust me, these stock worksheets are A LOT EASIER than calc. Especially since the computer does most of the calculating. SHEESH!

Despite all of that I am impressed with the past president of the club. She's an MBA who has her own business. On a whim, I asked if she was women certified and she is! Her biggest account is with the federal gov't. My ex-coworkers and I have formed a corp with the intention of selling to gov't, but we hit a wall. She'd be a great mentor for us.

At the end of the meeting they hit me with the "buy in" amount. I knew the dues were $100/quarterly plus $25 for petty cash and $25 for NAICS (for membership in the organization for these investment clubs). What I didn't know is that I would have to pay for a "share" in the club. Presently, a share is worth $957. Yikes! Got some thinking to do about this one. Luckily, I have until the next meeting in Feb. to mull it over.

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