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Decisions, decisions....

January 15th, 2006 at 09:09 pm

I am procrastinating and it is getting to me. At least that is how it feels. Whenever too many decisions need to be made I tend to get a little stuck and shut down. Not good at all. Been looking into rebate cc's and trying not to get caught up in special offers. That's a tough one since Discover is offering a 5% rebate on health & Wellness till March and right now I owe $550 to a periodontist and will owe over $400 this year for my regular dental. I'd also like to get back to the chiropractor for some adjustments and pay some of my mom's medical deductible amounts left over from last year. It's a great offer, but I don't want to risk all the inquiries on my credit report either considering we need a gas rebate card and grocery rebate card. There's a card that gives back on tuition as well. See, lots to think about.

Mom's long term care insurer just hit us with a notice that her premium will now be over $3000 for the year. They raised it last year and from what I thought I read, they can only do this every few years and not yearly. Will have to check with the insurance commission about this. Funny, I was always told the terms of her long term care contract were written in stone and can never be changed once a claim was made. The insurer is now "offering" to lower the premiums IF we agree to limit my mom's payout. Right now, her payout is unlimited, in terms of years. Something, I am told, they no longer offer to insureds. If I decide to increase her coverage, how do you think they'll respond? Why can it be decreased and not increased? They can change the rules to suit themselves it seems.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, nice to see your journal up!

    Regarding insurance, they did the same thing to my parents. A few years after my father retired with pension etc., received a notice that they were changing what was written in stone, and there were choices to make. It's been a battle of confusion ever since. Medicare only complicated it, and now part D. Not sure how the insurance companies are able to bait and switch on the coverage, but they seem to find a way!

  2. tom Says:

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