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Prescription Savings?

March 8th, 2006 at 06:20 pm

Well, there's the good news and the bad news.

Good news: found another pharmacy with cheaper prices for my dogs' diabetes needs. Meijer pharmacy charges $12.99 for 100 syringes vs. $14.99 and $26.99 vs. $29.99 for the insulin. This means I will save about $90/yr by making this switch.

I did find out something new from the pharmacist: you can buy insulin w/out a scrip! If you use a scrip they will charge $28.97 vs. the no scrip price of $26.99! Now, how much "sense" does that make? The more I look into this prescription drug thing the more disgusted I get!

OK, now the bad news: Remember I became a AAA club member for their prescription card? For some reason (transposition of numbers?) the charge never went through. A call to AAA and questions about drug savings netted me NOTHING. In other words, they could not tell me exactly what kind of savings I could expect to see. Said each pharmacy determines the discount they want to give despite the AAA website claiming a savings of 15%-30%. I next called Costco pharmacy to feel them out and was told the MOST discount Costco would give was 10% on old drugs. Newer (expensive) drugs would get as low as 1% discount since the pharmacy makes a smaller profit. In the end I chose not to become a AAA member. Why pay for membership when there are free drug discount cards on the internet?

Is it me or am I losing my mind???

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