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Savings Irony

March 13th, 2006 at 11:59 pm

Today, Meijers had a 5% off grocery if you use their credit card. I happened to be in the area so I went. Checked out the organic coffee (not much to choose from) and bought 2 Newmans Own bags @ $5.63 each. Used my 10% off (first time purchase on my cc) and got the 5% off for the day on top of that! Good, right? Out of the Catalina machine pops a coupon for B1G1 Melitta Harvest coffee AND another coupon for $3 off Melitta Organic coffee! Holy smokes! Didn't even leave the store. Took my cart back to the coffee aisle and grabbed 2 Melitta organic coffees @ $6.63 ea. Let's just say that after I paid, oh, $3.xx for those 2 bags I headed straight for customer service and returned the Newman's Own coffee.

I really, really like Meijers.

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  1. Gakline Says:

    I love Meijer's. I have one really close. It's saved me a ton of money on food, and they have really nice produce.

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