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Various Grocery Savings

May 1st, 2006 at 11:01 pm

Here is what I've bought in the last few days:

From a major area grocer: Healthy Choice frozen entrees on sale for 1.00/ea combined with an blinkie coupon for 1.00/3. The selection was limited but I bought 15 of these for 10.00 and paid for them with a gift card from a transferred prescription.

From an ethnic grocer: 2 big pineapples for 3.00, 2 cantalopes for .99/ea., 4 packages of blueberries for .99/ea., and a bag of oranges for 1.29. Used (2) "1.00 off 5.00 purchase of produce" winetags. Since this was Saturday, the free spanish language paper was at the door and it had an insert of coupons that are different from the Sunday paper coupon inserts I get delivered to my door. Needless to say I grabbed that paper, too!

At Big Lots: Organic blueberry toaster pastries for .99/package., 6 to a package. Brownberry bread for 1.39 - 1.69 (I didn't make it to the bakery thrift store where I could have spent even less).

Target: Small package of Pepperidge Farm cookies .99/ea. Had printable Target coupons for 1.00 off Pepperidge Farm cookies. Let's just say I bought a WHOLE LOT with coupons and paid less than a buck for bags and bags of them.

Of course there's more, but I can't think right now. Things like mayo, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, coffee, 2 liter soda, and salad dressing have been bought in quantity (or for free with coupons and sales) and are stockpiled.

I wish other aspects of my life were this easy to manage.

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