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I Had to laugh

July 19th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

We have a couple of caregivers for my mom. One lives with us 24/7 for two weeks and she is relieved every other weekend by the other caregiver.

Well, it's hard not to notice a) my coupons, b) my stockpile, and c) my peals of joy when I come home with bags of stuff that I paid next to nothing.

Let's just say they wanted to know how I did it so I told them.

Yesterday my brother came by to visit and found the caregiver going thru my box of coupon inserts. He says to her "oh no, she's got you doing it too?" She was so excited to tell him that I was able to get her CoffeeMate creamer for 50 cents and that she will be buying tubes of Aquafresh for 25 cents!

This morning the other caregiver calls me to ask if I can put aside a few coupons for her!

I'm happy to help them out. They're wonderful to my mother and I can't help but chuckle at how infectious and fun saving money can be.

3 Responses to “I Had to laugh”

  1. rosenamemy Says:

    Love to hear abt your savings. We don't get these coupons in kuala lumpur, malaysia - or maybe, I don't know how to get it?

  2. beans6 Says:

    You know I know they were lucky that you were willing to help them & share with them.But Im envious of you.I cant tell you
    how many people I have tried to help or let them know they could save money on something they were buying. Some of these people were friends & are still friends.But they make less then I do-- some are on assistance.They want nothing to do with coupons.I dont talk about the good deals I get anymore.They tell me they dont have the time & its to much trouble.

  3. katwoman Says:

    Rosenamemy: the caregivers come from the Philippines and they don't have coupons there either. Our main caregiver has 5 sons back home and is packing up a box of such items to send back to them and other relatives. In the end, it's a win-win situation for all and that makes me feel good.

    beans6: Please don't be envious. Like you, I've tried to get my friends on board and they don't want to hear it either. The only reason the caregivers were sold was because they would see my consistency on a daily basis. If I wanted something, I would wait for a sale and coupon. If we needed something, I would buy only one and explain more would come when the time was right. If I didn't have a coupon for something that I had to buy, EVERYONE would hear me complain. It was the consistency that won them over. That's easy to do when someone is living with you 24/7; not so easy over lunch once or twice a week. I know if you keep it up someone is bound to notice and will ask for your help, too!

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